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Do you connect with clients during the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle of horse racing that attracts the attention of people all over the country. Every year people are glued to their televisions to see who the champion horse and rider will be, whether they are a dedicated fan or just a curious onlooker.  Special Appeal  The history of horseracing is […]

The NFL Draft is HERE!

Making headlines once again, the NFL draft is in full effect. People all over the world are watching to see which players are going to be playing for the various NFL teams. The draft is crucial to having the talent necessary to win games and make it to the playoffs. Football is a huge industry […]

Spring Clean Your Business Practices

  Spring is almost here, and with the much-anticipated change of season, comes the opportunity to clean up your business practices. In keeping with the spring cleaning traditions, you can take a few key actions to streamline your business and get rid of the old strategies to focus on new ones that will help you shine.   […]

March Madness – Are you taking advantage of the excitement?

Anyone who loves basketball is eagerly anticipating March Madness. This is the time of year when basketball takes the center stage in the world of sports. Companies can also take advantage of the excitement that comes with highly anticipated games. Connect With Sports Lovers You can begin posting basketball related content on your social media and […]

Case Study: the Twitter Complaint

If you have an official company Twitter account (and you should), it’s inevitable that you’ll receive customer contact via Twitter.  Twitter is an excellent and highly responsive medium for being in touch with your customers.  It’s also entirely public; customers posting positive (and negative!) reviews of your product or services will be doing so for the […]