How to integrate St. Patrick’s Day fun in your marketing efforts

March is here, and one of our favorite holidays is rapidly approaching. St. Patrick’s Day is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate everything Irish. You too can be Irish for the day and sport your favorite green attire, and enjoy delicious Irish inspired foods and beverages. Your business can also celebrate this boisterous occasion by integrating some fun into its marketing efforts.  

Show Your Fun Side 

Let your website and social media visitors know you are ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with them. Everyone can enjoy this fun holiday. Show them you are ready for some fun that may also benefit them as well. It is an excellent idea to have some type of promotion to add to a festive theme for your blogs, posts, and photos. Incorporating these marketing ideas not only attracts new customers or clients, but also lets them know you are personable. This helps give your company an identity that is unique from your competitors.  

Host A Promotional Event 

You can host a St. Patrick’s Day inspired event, either online or at a physical location. Post content relating to the event, and encourage viewer participation in a conversation about the promotion. You can also offer discounts, limited time promotional offers, and special new customer perks. You can even offer special rewards for reposting your marketing material or checking in at your location.  

Participate In Your Local St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

A St. Patrick’s Day parade is an excellent way to be able to distribute branded merchandise to the masses. You can also get plenty of exposure when you advertise on a float or vehicle participating in the parade. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the public and share in the festivities. Before you participate in the parade, you should create professional videos and internet posts to feature on your social media accounts, and your business website, to draw the attention of your target audience. Enlisting the help of a professional marketing company ensures you will get the best results from your participation in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. 

If you want to effectively encourage participation in your holiday promotions, you should seek the assistance of an experienced and professional marketing services company. Nitara marketing and design is your complete source for all your marketing needs. We can create an eye-catching variety of tactics and incorporate them effectively into your marketing material and internet presence.  Create the perfect opportunity to give your business a fun boost that potential clients will love. Contact us today!