Do you connect with clients during the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle of horse racing that attracts the attention of people all over the country. Every year people are glued to their televisions to see who the champion horse and rider will be, whether they are a dedicated fan or just a curious onlooker. 

Special Appeal 

The history of horseracing is long and esteemed. The highlight of the sport involves the Kentucky Derby, also known as “The Run For The Roses” and is the first of 3 races involved in the Triple Crown. The Kentucky Derby has run annually without interruption since 1875 and garners the most attention out of the 3 Triple Crown races. The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville every year, and is followed by the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. It is known as the most exciting 2 minutes in sports because it has fans on the edge of their seats rooting for their favorite horse and rider. There can be a variety of obstacles and weather conditions that make the race perilous and unpredictable in many cases, which is part of the special appeal. 

Get Involved 

If your business wants to get involved with the excitement of the Kentucky Derby, there are several things you can do to attract fans and promote business. One of the best methods to attract Kentucky Derby fans is to have a viewing party. Advertise specials and discounts to go with the big event. Make sure you have branded products and special services offered for the big race to increase visibility and highlight your promotion. Even if you choose not to have a viewing party, you can still get in on this anticipated occasion by creating events and promotions that highlight this celebrated race. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising, you should enlist the help of a marketing company that knows how to get results. 

Nitara Marketing has the experienced professionals and tools to make your marketing strategy shine. Take advantage of the excitement that the Kentucky Derby brings by attracting fans with specials, discounts, and promotions combined with the latest marketing techniques supplied by Nitara Marketing. Contact them today to get started with your campaign right away. 


The NFL Draft is HERE!

Making headlines once again, the NFL draft is in full effect. People all over the world are watching to see which players are going to be playing for the various NFL teams. The draft is crucial to having the talent necessary to win games and make it to the playoffs. Football is a huge industry and captures the attention and imaginations of the public. 

The Suspense 

Companies know that the public is eagerly waiting and anticipating the results of the draft. No doubt, the NFL draft creates tons of attention and sparks countless conversations. Everywhere you go, you can find people having debates and discussions about the draft. So, it only makes sense for businesses to jump on board the discussion and become part of the excitement and anticipation.  

Businesses have a variety of options to highlight the NFL draft. Featuring draft pick promotions is a fun and attractive way to entice potential customers to interact with your brand. Featuring football related merchandise and draft pick specials can also generate interest while simultaneously getting you noticed by the public.  

Make It Exciting 

Capitalize on the excitement surrounding the draft by interacting with customers and offering discounts or freebies for attending on certain days, purchasing certain products, or even making correct guesses about draft picks. Football is a huge market and most adults want to get involved in some capacity. The more fun your event or promotion is, the more interest you will generate. Enlist the assistance of an experienced marketing company that knows how to create fresh, interesting marketing campaigns that get a response from your target audience. 

For more information or ideas about getting involved with the NFL draft season, check out Nitara Marketing. Nitara can give your business options and solutions that help you achieve your advertising and marketing goals. We can help you get great results. 



Spring Clean Your Business Practices


Spring is almost here, and with the much-anticipated change of season, comes the opportunity to clean up your business practices. In keeping with the spring cleaning traditions, you can take a few key actions to streamline your business and get rid of the old strategies to focus on new ones that will help you shine.  

Revamp Your Website 

If you have been using the same old basic website for a while, you should give it a complete makeover. You want something eye-catching and unique that will grab viewer’s attention and make them want to learn more about your products and services. Create a color scheme that will help you get noticed and add some professional photos relevant to your company. You should also provide some useful content that your viewers will want to read that can create a desire to inquire about what you have to offer. 

Give Your Image A Makeover 

Businesses should always strive to make a great first impression to stay competitive in their markets. If you want to generate new clients and create a lasting impression, you should focus on creating accessible videos highlighting your company and show visitors what you have to offer. Have professional, stylish business cards to offer to potential clients, as well as branded literature and merchandise. Create a fresh theme, complete with the appropriate branding, and you will get noticed. The goal is to draw attention to your business and highlight the positive qualities that make you stand out from the rest. 

Utilize Social Media To Your Advantage  

Get rid of your old social media marketing tactics. Get in the spirit of spring clean-up by getting rid of mediocre posts and promotional materials online. Use the magic of social media to your benefit. You can create a poll, make a fun and informative video, post high-quality photos, and offer engaging and fun content that your visitors will love. 

Update Your Technology And Business Marketing Practices 

Companies today have to stay up to date with the latest technology and business marketing services. Get rid of your dinosaur computers and equipment, and invest in new technology that will allow you to run your business more effectively and create better security for your sensitive data. You also want to enlist the help of a professional and experienced marketing company that knows what it takes to get you noticed and drive traffic to your site.  

If you want to get ready for spring and clean-up your business and your business image, you should incorporate some of these helpful ideas, and enlist the help of knowledgeable and experienced marketing services provider like Nitara.  Nitara has the know-how and tools to create more visibility, traffic, and clients. Let them help you grow your business and revamp your image.  


How to integrate St. Patrick’s Day fun in your marketing efforts

March is here, and one of our favorite holidays is rapidly approaching. St. Patrick’s Day is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate everything Irish. You too can be Irish for the day and sport your favorite green attire, and enjoy delicious Irish inspired foods and beverages. Your business can also celebrate this boisterous occasion by integrating some fun into its marketing efforts.  

Show Your Fun Side 

Let your website and social media visitors know you are ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with them. Everyone can enjoy this fun holiday. Show them you are ready for some fun that may also benefit them as well. It is an excellent idea to have some type of promotion to add to a festive theme for your blogs, posts, and photos. Incorporating these marketing ideas not only attracts new customers or clients, but also lets them know you are personable. This helps give your company an identity that is unique from your competitors.  

Host A Promotional Event 

You can host a St. Patrick’s Day inspired event, either online or at a physical location. Post content relating to the event, and encourage viewer participation in a conversation about the promotion. You can also offer discounts, limited time promotional offers, and special new customer perks. You can even offer special rewards for reposting your marketing material or checking in at your location.  

Participate In Your Local St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

A St. Patrick’s Day parade is an excellent way to be able to distribute branded merchandise to the masses. You can also get plenty of exposure when you advertise on a float or vehicle participating in the parade. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the public and share in the festivities. Before you participate in the parade, you should create professional videos and internet posts to feature on your social media accounts, and your business website, to draw the attention of your target audience. Enlisting the help of a professional marketing company ensures you will get the best results from your participation in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. 

If you want to effectively encourage participation in your holiday promotions, you should seek the assistance of an experienced and professional marketing services company. Nitara marketing and design is your complete source for all your marketing needs. We can create an eye-catching variety of tactics and incorporate them effectively into your marketing material and internet presence.  Create the perfect opportunity to give your business a fun boost that potential clients will love. Contact us today!