Spring Clean Your Business Practices


Spring is almost here, and with the much-anticipated change of season, comes the opportunity to clean up your business practices. In keeping with the spring cleaning traditions, you can take a few key actions to streamline your business and get rid of the old strategies to focus on new ones that will help you shine.  

Revamp Your Website 

If you have been using the same old basic website for a while, you should give it a complete makeover. You want something eye-catching and unique that will grab viewer’s attention and make them want to learn more about your products and services. Create a color scheme that will help you get noticed and add some professional photos relevant to your company. You should also provide some useful content that your viewers will want to read that can create a desire to inquire about what you have to offer. 

Give Your Image A Makeover 

Businesses should always strive to make a great first impression to stay competitive in their markets. If you want to generate new clients and create a lasting impression, you should focus on creating accessible videos highlighting your company and show visitors what you have to offer. Have professional, stylish business cards to offer to potential clients, as well as branded literature and merchandise. Create a fresh theme, complete with the appropriate branding, and you will get noticed. The goal is to draw attention to your business and highlight the positive qualities that make you stand out from the rest. 

Utilize Social Media To Your Advantage  

Get rid of your old social media marketing tactics. Get in the spirit of spring clean-up by getting rid of mediocre posts and promotional materials online. Use the magic of social media to your benefit. You can create a poll, make a fun and informative video, post high-quality photos, and offer engaging and fun content that your visitors will love. 

Update Your Technology And Business Marketing Practices 

Companies today have to stay up to date with the latest technology and business marketing services. Get rid of your dinosaur computers and equipment, and invest in new technology that will allow you to run your business more effectively and create better security for your sensitive data. You also want to enlist the help of a professional and experienced marketing company that knows what it takes to get you noticed and drive traffic to your site.  

If you want to get ready for spring and clean-up your business and your business image, you should incorporate some of these helpful ideas, and enlist the help of knowledgeable and experienced marketing services provider like Nitara.  Nitara has the know-how and tools to create more visibility, traffic, and clients. Let them help you grow your business and revamp your image.  


Case Study: the Twitter Complaint

If you have an official company Twitter account (and you should), it’s inevitable that you’ll receive customer contact via Twitter.  Twitter is an excellent and highly responsive medium for being in touch with your customers.  It’s also entirely public; customers posting positive (and negative!) reviews of your product or services will be doing so for the world to see; and possibly even reshare.  As a result, the way you handle Twitter interactions with your customers can be an excellent means of creating business (or, conversely, dissuading potential customers from doing business with you).

Stay Aware; Stay Responsive

Making the most of customer interaction via Twitter is a matter of staying active, attentive, and responsive.  Since Twitter is an extremely fast-moving medium, you’ll have to move just as quickly to address Tweets (particularly negative Tweets) before they have the chance to go viral.  You’ll want to keep a close eye not just on @ mentions, but also keywords that might indicate customer complaints.  Using a social media management system, you’ll be able to monitor keywords including your company’s name (and any nicknames or derivatives thereof), names of your products or representatives, and hashtags that might include these words.

Execute Exceptional Customer Service

These methods will help you to suss out who your customer is and what they need help with.  Once you do that, it’s time to execute the best customer service you can offer.  Remember: the world is watching.  You’ll want to give actionable information to your customer; and this might take more than the notorious 140 characters Twitter limits you to.  If you can’t solve their problem quickly or if the brevity of Twitter is making it so the problem is difficult to understand, encourage the customer to contact you directly via another means (and provide that means in the Tweet).  Alternately, tell the customer that you will Direct Message them with a better contact method for you (and then, of course, follow through).  This will allow you to show the world how responsive you are, but also give the customer the individual attention they need and deserve.  Direct message is an excellent option for providing information in a semi-private forum; but remember that a customer can always screenshot the contact and post it publicly.  Be certain that you’re always giving your all to these interactions; they can truly make or break a customer service situation.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t automate responses to customer complaints. A wooden, robotic reply (in front of your entire Twitter audience) is off-putting and gives the message that the customer isn’t important to you.  Personalize each response to assure the customer that you are ready to help, and that their issue is a top priority.  This personalization can take a great deal of time, but that extra mile speaks volumes to your dedication.

Make it Visible

Be certain to post the link to your Twitter feed somewhere on your “contact us” webpage.  This will allow customers to find you easily in a space that you are constantly available.  It also means that you’ll be able to effectively share company news and updates with the people who need to see them most.

Remember that the virality of Twitter can be used for you or against you.  Re-sharing positive responses you’ve received from customers via Twitter is as easy as pie; simply retweet the reply and there you go.  You’ve now effectively used social media for its primary purpose: to promote social contact between individuals (and, in the process, taken advantage of a free advertising opportunity).

Starting to understand the value of all this, but don’t have the time for social media? Our team has you covered. Trust nitara with your social media presence, and you’ll see results fast.