About nitara

Aim for a sustainable future through wise implementation and application of technologies

We believe your vision is the story the world is waiting to hear. We want to help you tell it.

Through the use of creative imagery, compelling content, digital implementation, end-user adoption and dynamic analytics, we help you bring your narrative to life. We dig deep to help you discover what pieces of your story will flourish, then we help you tell it…one chapter at a time.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We believe nitara is where vision meets value. We’ll help you navigate the sometimes stressful decisions involved with creating, nurturing and growing your brand without breaking your budget.

Choose a team where cultivating vision is deeply rooted in value.

Our Creative Advisor and Founder

Stefani is the Creative Advisor and Founder of nitara digital, marketing and design. She is a highly accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience in serving clients’ distinct requirements.

While her team of creative, administrative, and technical consultants drives nitara’s success, Stefani serves as the consulting creative advisor. Her oversight is limited to final strategic vision and operational execution approvals. She also serves as the visionary and thought leader behind her custom Adoption as a Service℠ end-user implementation, change management and adoption model.

Separately, Stefani has been with Microsoft 8 years (collectively). She’s currently an Azure Go-To-Market Lead, driving industry transformations. She’s also incoming Chair for Blacks @ Microsoft, Great Lakes; a director on two nonprofit boards; and founder of the people project corporation, a 501(c)3 organization.

From Rolls-Royce Aerospace to Microsoft to nitara, Stefani’s journey fuels her sought-after speaker presence. A creative tech-geek by trade. An intuitive storyteller at heart. She holds a BA in Communications from Indiana University. Follow her on LinkedIn for a front-row seat to empowerment.

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