How to Compromise with a Web Designer without Compromising Your Vision

If you are running a business, you probably want to set up a website. In this day and age, you will more effectively get business online than through any other mode of advertising. Of course, since your business is an extension of who you are, you want your site to reflect that as well. You may have a very specific vision of what you want it to look like and how you want it to operate. However, though you do not need to forsake this vision, it is important to be open to new ideas.

Find the Right Designer

It would be very smart on your part to hire a web design firm that can help you with your personal or business site. These individuals are often very knowledgeable and up-to-date about what kinds of features will be successful on a website. With their guidance, you can make the very best of your vision when displaying it on your website.

Be Open and Agile

You may have a very specific vision in mind for your website, and that’s great. It’s always good to know exactly what you’re all about and how you want to sell that to potential clients. However, it is also good to be open to any suggestions that the web designer may have to offer. You should keep in mind that this individual is an expert in his or her field, and any suggestions s/he makes could end up being of great benefit to you. While you can value your ideas, try not to be closed off to whatever your designer has to say.

Your designer will likely know a great deal about the types of keywords that will get your web page to the tops of the search engines and the types of imagery that will really catch the eyes of potential clients. You can tell this individual all about the ideas and visions that you have for your webpage, but make sure to be open to what s/he has to say. It is possible that your exact vision will not be the most effective way to present this website for the purposes that you have in mind. If your designer suggests some alterations to your original ideas, don’t be offended. Keep an open mind, consider the ideas, and trust that your designer has the expertise to be making these suggestions.

Vision and Value

You do not have to give up on your original vision completely, but it would be best if you are willing to make compromises with your designer on presentation. Although you want your website to be an expression of you, you also want it to be effective. A good web designer can help you put together a site that effectively does what you want it to do and expresses your vision in the best way possible. Even if the end result isn’t exactly what you had planned, you can work with your designer to create a website that balances your ideas and who you are with what works in the modern business world.

5 Reasons Why Your Website Viewers Kiss and Run

You’ve done your homework. You chose the best website hosting company you could afford. You carefully designed your site to guide prospects to contact you for service or buy your products. You’re engaging in good search engine optimization, or so it seems. So why aren’t you seeing the the activity you expected? Below are five of the most common mistakes businesses make that turn off potential customers and drive them to your competitors. The statistics were reported on Hubspot.

Slow Website Response Times

Thirty-nine percent of people will abandon your site if images or content load too slowly. If you do any shopping or information gathering online, you already know that slow load times can annoy you to no end. The same goes for your potential customers. You should check your own site from time to time to see if it’s running slow, and if so, is it chronic. To be fair, slow loads can just as easily be the viewer’s cheap internet or mobile service. But if you notice your site regularly taking too long to respond when visiting with your own fast internet service, the problem is most likely on your end. The next thing you need to find out is whether the issue derives from too many graphics and videos or from your hosting site.

No Provisions for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, facilitate every two out of three minutes spent online. Thirteen percent of adults now search online with their mobile devices only and the rate of desktop searches steadily declines. If you are a business-to-business company, you should know that 40% of B2B product searches now occur on mobile media. If your web host doesn’t offer integrated site builds and hosting that allow one website build to properly display on every device, you are little more than a dinosaur waiting to be dug up. That’s no way to market your brand.

Your Web Designer Forgot (we hope) to Put Your Contact Info on Your Site

This is huge. A full 64% of visitors want to see your contact info on the homepage. Many will jump ship if your entire site is devoid of phone numbers or email addresses. Maybe your business need not list an address, but leaving out the means by which your prospects can contact you will kill your carefully laid web marketing plans. Think about it. Would you trust someone who appears to be dodging you? Right. Neither do your viewers.

Unattractive or Amateurish Design Acts Like Raid® on Your Viewers

This may seem unfairly nit-picky, since professional web design can take a bite out of your budget, and maybe you have the technical skills to build a site in-house. But the numbers suggest that two-thirds of visitors prefer to look at a beautifully designed site and the other third will leave the site if they feel it is unattractive. With only 15 minutes, on average, to check out your site, if it fails to attract their eye, the prospect may well move on to the next website on the results list. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With the need to create sites that function as readily on tiny screens as on desktop monitors, many sites now present a scroll-down-forever-and-ever format. Even that is not to everyone’s liking. But one thing is for sure, experienced designers have fingers in the peaking trends, passing trends and future trends for good website design, content and imagery. Massaging your budgets to fit in a professional designer may be a game changer for your site’s performance.

When Viewers Must Dig to Find Your Products and Services

When you go to the grocery store, do you want to go into the back room to find your meat and potatoes? Nah. So why make your time-pressed shoppers or service prospects do essentially the same thing? If you sell stuff, feature your categories right there on the first page they’ll see. And use images liberally. If you provide consumer services, put up a list of the services most customers contact you for. Eighty-six percent of your visitors want your products and services to greet them at the door. You must tell about your company history and wonderful staff, of course, but give a synapses on the homepage with the rest linked from the homepage to the “about” page instead.

When it comes to online marketing, your website should glow like a bonfire, attracting and mesmerizing your visitors. You don’t want it to be a bomb. If you are ready to re-think your website, please contact nitara today. We have a staff of talented and experienced web developers who can turn your non-performing site into the site that gets used.psum.